Fastrack Smart Band SW90064PP01 Reflex WAV


Fastrack smart Band 

The all new fastrack smart band has launched in indian market. Price just ₹ 4,995  in all markets this band in most popular brand in Fastrack and high rated brand in india this is a very comfortable and easy lock Band .


All new fastrack smart band has new technology and new features and black Silicon Band which is very lite in weight.


New band has the new and improved tracker compare to other bands . Which gives us the accurate details . By the way Fastrack has accurate tracker to other tracker this band has improve it as much they can.


Fastrack smart band all new function compare to other band this band functions is –

  1. Activities tracker
  2. Walking
  3. Free time tracker
  4. Cycling
  5. Swimming
  6. Slipping
  7. Steps
  8. Running tracker etc.

Water Resistant

The new and latest watet and dust proof technology has been provided in this band.

This band is soo easily track in every movements and water resistant is so high quality  IP67 This resistant is the most powerful and mostly usable to high brand soo this band is the most atterective Band.

New Function

The all new smart band has the new functions like .

Music controlling

You can switch to your favorite music in the middle of your workout with a twist of your wrist and enjoy the music.

Camera controlling

Control your camera click group selfies and do not let any precious moment escape from your swart phone’s camera lens by clicking photo with a twist of your wrist and click the picture.


Pivk up and endless your calling without touch your phone.

5 – Days Battery Life

The battery of this fastrack smart band lasts for up to 5 – Days with a single charge.

Weather update

Get weather update on your wrist with this impressive and styles smart band.

And more new and atterective and new functions including for this fastrack smart band.




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